Monday, March 9, 2009

Now we know why Tropicana costs so much!

This weekend we decided to help Nana and Papa pick the oranges, lemons, and grapefruit off their trees.We would never be able to eat them all before they would go bad, they had tons! We didn't want them to go to waste, so we decided to juice them! We love orange juice and lemonade, so we thought it would be great to put the juice in the freezer and use it for our food storage! Great idea right? Well, after picking for about an hour we had one huge ice chest, and one large ice chest full and we barely even made a dent on the trees. They were still covered with fruit. We figured we had better stop picking and start juicing. We washed the oranges and lemons, cut them, and used my awesome Bosch mixer with a juicer attatchment to juice them. (I love my mixer more and more everyday, thanks Mom and Dad!) After juicing for about 6 hours all together we finally got through the huge ice chest, and we still have the large ice chest full of grapefriut to go! Needless to say after all that time and work we have barely made a dent, and we are still working on it. I guess that's why they charge so much for Tropicana orange juice at the store! Fresh Squeezed 100% REAL ORANGE JUICE isn't easy!!!

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Our fun family said...

Hey, sounds like you guys have been busy. Great idea for your food storage. Just an idea for the extra fruit on the trees. You could call the YW/YM leaders have have the kids pick the exta fruit and donate it to one of the food banks in town. Just an idea. :)

Ya, I am sure Dave could help Jeff if you have the tools. We didn't but our friend Jake did. Thank goodness for Jake. What they would do it wait until 8 pm. on Friday night and then get together and have a guys night after the kids were down. It was great for them and for me because I got my shelves.