Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This May is our big 10 year anniversary! It is hard to believe it has already been that long. I love Jeff more and more everyday, and I think (no, I KNOW) he feels the same. He went on his mission to Hawaii, and has always wanted to take me there! So this year for our special anniversary we're going to Oahu!!! I am so excited, and I know Jeff is too! It is our goal to get into swimsuit shape, and so the dieting and exercise begins, ugh! I'm counting down the days until I'm laying on the beach in paradise with my sweetheart by my side! YEAH!!!

Who wouldn't want to see this with someone you love!


Stacey Mowers and Family said...

Think if we start dieting and exercising we could fit into your suit cases?

Our fun family said...

Me too. I want to come. :) We are so excited for you guys. What a dream come true.


The Nelson Family said...

Very exciting!! Our ten year isn't for another year and a half...I hope we can do something like Hawaii. FUN! FUN!!

Tanya Hermansen said...

Oh how exciting. I am so pumped for the both of you. I am hoping that we some day make it to the island of paradise ourselves. Unfortunately it maybe for our 15th or 20th. Have a blast. Congrats on the 10 yrs.