Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Look at the Size of Those Melons!

This summer we planted a garden. Its nothing spectacular, but our kids think it's the greatest thing on earth right now. Conner goes out and checks on his watermelons, cantaloupes, cucumbers, carrots, and squash (he used to have corn and green beans, but they died) everyday.
He gets so excited when its time to pick something. The other day I asked him if he liked planting and growing things he likes to eat. He told me he thought it was cool to pick his own cucumbers at home instead of having to go to the grocery store to buy them. I told him I thought he should be a farmer when he grows up. Sometimes I think he should have been born in the 1800's. He likes to camp, fish, hunt, hike, roll in the mud, and now farm. You also have to make him take a bath (and use soap) by force!!! He would have been a great Pioneer. Conner is so excited about all the watermelon he has that are getting big, I think there are 8 or 9 on the plant now. He can't wait until they are ready to pick. He says watermelon is his favorite! I think this experience has taught us that we will definitely be having a garden every year!!!

The watermelon are getting big!!!

We have a lot of cucumbers growing. Here's one!

Conner and Mom found this one hiding in the plant. We didn't see it till today, so it got a little big. Hopefully it's not bitter.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Maybe a "Change of Pace" would be good!!!

Who wouldn't want to explore here???
Or take a bike ride here???
My parents just got back from a trip to Idaho. Actually, I should say more like a scouting mission. They are considering moving to Idaho, and wanted to scope out the area. My Mom seemed to like the idea, but only if we considered moving with them. She knows she would miss her grandkids too much! Today I began looking at houses on the internet. When she told me how beautiful it was in Coeur d'Alene I had to google pictures of the area, and she was right, it's GORGEOUS!!! Jeff, asked what he would do for a job, so I found out about the local natural gas company, and guess what, they are hiring for a position that is similar to the position he has now with Southwest Gas. I don't know, maybe it's ment to be. Sometimes I think it might be a nice change of pace to live someplace where summer highs aren't 115 degrees. Our kids love visiting the snow here in Arizona, maybe they would love to live in it. We'll keep you all posted on what the outcome may be.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy 1st Day of School

Conner is waiting for Tanner and Rylin to get off
the bus to tell them about their "Surprise"!!
He missed them so much while they were at their 1st day of school.

Hurray! The 1st Day of School!!!

Tanner and Rylin waiting for the bus.

Rylin's 1st bus ride!!!

Tanner's too cool to smile.

Tanner and his friend Evan waiting in line.

Rylin is so happy she's in kindergarten!!!

Let me start off by saying that Rylin was so ready to go to school today! She was so excited that she couldn't fall asleep last night (it must have been some time after 10 p.m.). Then she woke us up at 5 a.m. asking if it was time to get ready for school. She never went back to sleep after that, she just layed in her bed counting the hours. Tanner was a little less excited, but he was still very ready to get to school. I wanted to let Rylin get the hang of the bus, but I also wanted to take her to her class on the 1st day of school, so we waited at the bus stop for them to catch a ride to school. Conner, Reagan, and I followed behind and met them at school. Tanner thought he was so cool because he knew the routine, (he is such a big,tuff 2nd grader). He even thought he was to cool to have his Mommy taking pictures of him waiting in line to go to class. After Tanner was done giving the camera goofy looks we took Rylin to her class. She was so happy to be at school with a desk, and her own name tag that she couldn't stop smiling! To bad all the kids were'nt as excited as her. A few of them were crying. I felt really bad for the teacher. We hugged and she told us bye as we went out the door. When we got home it was so quiet! Our house is never quiet. Conner and Reagan went down for a nap and it was EVEN MORE QUIET!!! After Conner woke up at about 11:30 a.m. and ate lunch he asked when it was time to go get Tanner and Rylin. I told him not for a little longer. He must have really missed them because he kept asking and asking when it was time. I had to find something to entertain Conner (because when he's bored he likes to rip the house apart brick by brick literally) so I printed him some Dora coloring pages to scribble on with some crayons. That didn't last very long though, so I asked him if he wanted to make Tanner and Rylin a Happy 1st Day of School Cake and he was all over that idea. When it was time to pick the kids up from the bus we all loaded up in the car (it's way to hot to walk right now!!!). Conner was so excited for them to get off the bus. He told them we had a surprise waiting at home for them. They both told us what a great day they had. Let's see if they feel the same come January!!!