Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Case of the Missing Buns (I'm warning you this is a long one)

Yesterday I thought I was losing it, seriously, and this is how it began. I asked Jeff what he thought about having hamburgers for dinner. He replied with "that sounds great." A few days before I had done some grocery shopping at Costco. I had got everything we needed for hamburgers, except for lettuce, or so I thought. Since I didn't have lettuce I sent Jeff to the store for lettuce and a few other odds and ends. As soon as he walked in the door I went to gather everything else to start grilling. Hamburger patties, check, sliced cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, Miracle Whip, ketchup, check. I went into the pantry to grab the buns, I looked everywhere, and there were no buns! I swore I bought buns at Costco, I swore I put them in the pantry, I swore I saw them that morning! What the heck happened to the buns? My first thought was, "what did the kids do with the buns." I called them all into the kitchen and asked "Where are the hamburger buns?" They all replied with "I don't know." "Someone has to know," I said. I immediately turned to Conner, most of you probably know why. The kid is a menace, and I mean that in the most loving way possible. I asked him where the buns were. He swore to me he didn't touch them. Jeff and I then began searching his room, closet, and every other place we thought he might want to hide hamburger buns. We couldn't find them anywhere! After looking for quite a long time, I sat on the couch and started to seriously doubt the fact that I bought hamburger buns. I was seriously losing it, then I remembered that earlier the dog had ran into the house while I was in the bathroom. When that happens I have to grab her by the collar and drag her outside, DANG DOG, but not this time. Conner said she went out all by herself. I didn't think anything of it, until the lightbulb went on. I went and looked on the back porch, and sure enough there was the empty hamburger bun bag with a big hole in it. I knew the dog wouldn't go into the pantry and pull a bag of buns off the second shelf from the top, or so I thought, so I accused Conner of throwing the bag of buns out the door to get the dog to go outside. He swore to me he didn't do that, but then again he has been known to lie. I excepted the conclusion I had come to, realized I wasn't losing it, and began making BLT's for dinner because I knew we had some bread in the freezer. BUT IT DOESN'T END THERE!!!

Today the kids were playing outside. When they were done they came in the back door that goes into my bedroom, and left the back door that goes into the family room open (without me knowing). As I was walking into the kitchen I saw Hershey running out the back door with something in her mouth. I ran after her and saw her on the back porch eating a whole loaf of bread that I had took out of the freezer for BLT's the night before! It was sitting on the counter by the toaster. I was so mad! I yelled at her and spanked her! I then realized Conner had nothing to do with yesterday and I felt horrible. I began apologizing to my little boy, who was completely innocent! Why on earth would a dog go into a pantry full of food and take out a bag of hamburger buns, and why would she pass up a half eaten piece of cake sitting on the ground right in front of her to get on the counter and take a loaf of bread? Who knows, but she also loves watermelon! Weird dog I know! I promise we feed her! Needless to say, after all that, we solved the case of the missing hamburger buns. DOES ANYONE WANT A DOG????

The culprit!!!


    Stacey Mowers and Family said...

    Poor Conner gets blamed for everything! I can just see him with those inoccent eyes, "but mom, I'm not lieing I didn't do it." Dang dog, screwed up two nights of dinner plans. Get rid of him - he's starting to eat better than the kids.

    Tanya Hermansen said...

    I loved this post!!!! It was so fun to read. I can serioulsy relate to feeling as though you losing it. I am glad you are not though.That's one dang smart dog.