Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Booyah Bash 2008

Every year our friends the Bosley's, who own Century Marine, put on the Booyah Bash. Its there way of saying thanks to all the customers they have by taking a trip to the lake. This summer we really didn't use our boat a whole lot, so we were glad to have an excuse for a lake trip. We had a really great time. We watched the Century Marine wakeboard team show us some tricks(they get major air), we won the cash run again, (2 years in a row is totally awesome. I think that is the most fun part), and as always tubed, wakeboarded, kneeboarded, and just hung out at the lake on a very beautiful weekend. For winning the cash run we got a wakeskate. Jeff was very proud of the fact that he could use it (no tricks though). Tanner was still unsuccessful at getting up on his wakeboard and staying up. He got up a couple of times, but only stayed up for about 5 seconds and fell. After about 20 tries he said he was done trying for the year. We had to remind him that disappointment is hard, but you have to try and try until you succeed. He said he would just spend all his lake time kneeboarding, because it is something he is good at. Failure is hard for him to handle (he is definitely his fathers son). We had a major blast and can't wait for the next one. Thanks Century Marine for a really great time.

The girls catching some rays.

Tanner loves the kneeboard because he can get up every time. He wishes he could get up on his wakeboard.

Don't make them get out of the tube when they are not done, or there will be a major fit!

Jeff is so proud after getting up on the wakeskate he has to pose for his picture with it!

Tanner and Rylin love to go fast on the tube.


Tanner kneeboarding.

Check out the major air!!!

Very Cute!!!

Tuesday the new Tinker Bell Movie came out, and it is so cute! My kids absolutely love Tinker Bell. I think it is because she is so cute and sassy. Who doesn't love a fairy with an attitude. The movie teaches a really cute lesson about being who you are and magnifying your talents to help others. What a great lesson for kids and adults to learn. So many times we wish we were someone were not or have something we don't that life gets a little depressing. But we have to remember we are all special in our own way! I hope I have taught my kids how special and talented each of them are. They are so amazing. If you get a chance, sit down and watch the Tinker Bell Movie with your kids, you'll learn a great lesson in a very cute way.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

What A Beautiful Day!!!

Have you ever said to yourself, "This sure is a good day to be outside!" That was definitely the case at the annual Hopekids festival. We had such a good time on a very beautiful day. There was so much for the kids to do. They had a rock wall, petting zoo, pony rides, crafts, food, even Pirate Family Pictures. We had a blast. It is something we never miss. Once we tell the kids the Railroad Park Festival is coming up they count the days in anticipation. What a fun filled day with a lot of great memories!

I love this picture!
They had lots of paints for the kids to get artistic!

Conner thought black was a pretty color, he wouldn't pick a different one.

We love the Merry go Round.

Every year they hold the Hopekids Festival at the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park. The train ride is one of the best parts.

The boys are in the back riding in the mini cattle car.

Reagan wasn't to sure about the pony rides.
Conner loved his pony. He wanted to know if he could bring him home.

Reagan loves Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!

Rylin and Tanner had a contest to see who could make it to the top of the rock wall first. Needless to say Tanner is afraid of heights, so he lost!
Here is Tanner playing carnival games. All the kids won lots of prizes!!!

The kids got to make spin art frizbees, (or as Conner calls them Rizzzbees.)

All you can eat snow cones and cotton candy, yum. (What a mess!)

All the Star Wars Characters made an appearance. Reagan didn't want anything to do with the Storm Troopers.

Turning 8 Really is Great!

Tanner recently turned 8, and had his birthday party, baptism, and Hopekids Birthday Bash all in the same day. (we have been extremely busy) His baptism turned out really great. His Grandma and Nana gave the talks and they did a really amazing job. He had a great experience. I am so proud of what an amazing boy he has turned into. He is an awesome helper to his parents, sisters, and brother. He has been a very strong and brave boy throughout his life, and I am greatful to be his mother. Happy Birthday Tanner. I love you more than there are stars in the sky!