Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's been a while

It's been over a month since we've posted, so we thought we should update! Christmas was awesome! You know when the kids say it was "The Best Christmas Ever" you did good, but they say that every year! On Christmas morning we woke up, opened presents, played with the loot for a bit, then got in the car and drove up to Heber. It was raining and snowing the whole way there. It was really a "White Christmas". The rim was beautiful with the snowflakes falling. It was the first time the kids had ever seen snow coming down. Conner loved all the snow plows on the ride up. He would get so excited every time they would drive by. Christmas night it snowed, which made for good sledding. My dad hooked up one of the sleds to the quad and pulled the kids all around my grandpa' s place. We also found a big hill that was tons of fun, so much fun everyone forgot to take pictures with the camera. We played in the snow, made snow angels, rode quads, and did some target shooting (the boys got BB Guns for Christmas from Nana and Papa). It was a great, long Christmas weekend!