Sunday, September 14, 2008

Traveling Back in Time !!!

Tanner and I got a chance to go see Walking with Dinosaurs. I think it was the coolest thing we've ever gotten to do together. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to see a dinosaur in real life this is the closest thing to that experience. The animatronic dinosaurs looked so real!!! They were made the same size the dinosaurs would have been in real life, and they were huge. We got to see baby dinos hatch out of eggs, dinos fighting with each other, dinos eating plants and even other dinosaurs, we even saw one dinosaur poop!!! Tanners favorite dinosaur of all was the T-Rex. They had a mommy and a baby. The mom looked really scary and she roared a very loud roar. My favorite dinosaur was the Brachiosaur (Little Foot's Mom) it was so big it almost reached to the top of the U.S. Airways Center. It was a great show. Both Tanner and I walked to the car saying, "That was totally awesome!" We really appreciate Hopekids for giving us the opportunity to go. It was a great memory maker. Tanner and I before the show started.

Robin's Favorite Dinosaur!!!

Dinos fighting.

Mommy and the baby T-Rex hugging. (These were Tanner's favorite Dinosaurs)

This was the comet falling out of the sky that caused the dinosaurs extinction.


Stacey Mowers and Family said...

That looks like a ton of fun!! They look so real, I bet Tanner had a blast. My mom said you might have a party for Rylin on Thursday night, let me know cause I have homemaking.


Mowers Family said...

This looks like a blast... how fun and interesting it all sounds. What great photos.

I am glad you guys were able to share such a fun time together. Those kind of memories are priceless.