Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Conner!!!

A few days ago was Conner's 4th birthday. He was so excited for his birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza. As a mom I feel horrible that he has to share his birthday party with his little sister. Its my fault that they were born with birthdays so close together. But he doesn't seem to mind. Conner is my kid who always makes me say "where the heck did you come from." The things he does and says most 4 year olds wouldn't even think of. If he wasn't the spitting image of his father I would swear he wasn't even mine. He loves all things outdoors. Hunting, fishing, and exploring are just a few. He wants to be a farmer when he grows up, and he thinks tractors are cool and dirt is the best thing in the world. You have to work really hard to earn his love. He never gives hugs unless he wants to give you a hug, but when he does they are out of the blue and the best hugs anyone could ever get. You really feel his love with the hug he gives. We always say that Conner is a very old spirit. He is wise beyond his years, and his comments and remarks about all kinds of things show it. I am glad he is my little boy, and I love him so much. Conner I love you more than there are stars in the sky! Happy Birthday!


Kyle said...

Hi Robin...I found your blog through your comment on Jake and Kaylani's...your family is so adorable!

Tanya Hermansen said...

Hey there Robin and Jeff. How's life treating you? I was glad to see your comment, I wasn't sure I had the right email address. Your family is beautiful. I love all your new pictures. You look So BEAUTIFUL! Each pregnacy we go through as mothers seems to take over our body that much more. You have done such a great job of recovery yours back. After this last one I have such a long way to go. Congratulations on all your hard work. You look terrific.

Clouse Family said...

Hi Robin...I too, found your blog through your comment on Jake's blog! It has been a long time...High school to be exact, which really makes me feel old! Anyway, you have a great looking family! Glad to hear you are lovin' and livin' life to the fullest!
Afton (Gardner) Clouse

Clouse Family said...

Yes, we know the Flakes...quite well, Brad is my husbands Uncle.