Friday, August 15, 2008

Maybe a "Change of Pace" would be good!!!

Who wouldn't want to explore here???
Or take a bike ride here???
My parents just got back from a trip to Idaho. Actually, I should say more like a scouting mission. They are considering moving to Idaho, and wanted to scope out the area. My Mom seemed to like the idea, but only if we considered moving with them. She knows she would miss her grandkids too much! Today I began looking at houses on the internet. When she told me how beautiful it was in Coeur d'Alene I had to google pictures of the area, and she was right, it's GORGEOUS!!! Jeff, asked what he would do for a job, so I found out about the local natural gas company, and guess what, they are hiring for a position that is similar to the position he has now with Southwest Gas. I don't know, maybe it's ment to be. Sometimes I think it might be a nice change of pace to live someplace where summer highs aren't 115 degrees. Our kids love visiting the snow here in Arizona, maybe they would love to live in it. We'll keep you all posted on what the outcome may be.


Table for seven!!!!!! said...

One of my favorite people growing up moved there when we were in high school. When I lived in WA we went to Coeur d'Alene tonz. I have to say there is only one place prettier I have been. It is very touristy and very very very nice. From what I saw anyways....
Its crazy the sun was always gone so early cuz of the mountains.

joanne said...

Hi guys,

Let us know what happens.... maybe we will be right behind you! Good luck and happy hunting.